AlgoWifi for HotSpot

Create a direct channel with your customers, check the revenue of your new product.

Imagine your campaign displayed directly in your customers' hotspot (public or private). You can build loyalty and develop new products by directly verifying their satisfaction.

Example of transaction from Access point:

  "Mac": "B0:73:5D:6A:EC:3A",
  "Location": "Torre WIFI - MetroWimax",
  "CampaignName": "MetroWimax",
  "CampaignId": "5",
  "referer": ""

Activating AlgoWIFI on your compatible router / modem is very simple:

  1. Register on AlgoWIFI as a HotSpotter

  2. Copy the generated code to your compatible router / modem

  3. Configure your router / modem for guest access (how-to)

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