How it works

Based on best in class Pure PoS blockchain: Algorand.
There are several ways in which AlgoWIFI works.
If installed on an access point, during the access phase an image is displayed in the captive portal.
Each transaction is then recorded in real time on the blockchain and at the same time the revenues and charges are sent to the various stakeholders.
Example of a transaction from an access point:
"Mac": "B0:73:5D:6A:EC:3A",
"Location": "Torre WIFI - MetroWimax",
"CampaignName": "MetroWimax",
"CampaignId": "5",
"referer": ""
Example of a transaction from a web site:
"CampaignName": "Turning Based Lovers",
"CampaignId": "19",
"referer": "",
"remote": ""